Now What? A Post-Divorce Trip?

A friend asked me today if I could help plan a post-divorce trip. What a brilliant idea!

Whether it’s a solo, soul-searching trek to Nepal or Bali, an all girls wine trip to Italy, or a bunch of your best buddies going to Vegas for some fun, it takes planning and expertise to truly get the most out of your adventure. That’s where Platinum Meetings comes in.

You maybe able to search the web for ideas, but with so many options, where do you start? Everything is new again, and sometimes you just need to get away. With insider info, years of experience planning group travel, and a knack for customizing itineraries, Platinum Meetings will take care of the pre-planning of that first “get back out there and go find yourself again” holiday.

You deserve it. There will be good wine, good food and definitely you’ll make new friends. Get back back out there, and take a trip to the place you’ve always dreamed of visiting!

Platinum Pairings A-Z: Franc’s Cabernet Franc


This dark, thin- skinned grape varietal found in most Bordeaux blended wines adds rich accents of dark fruits, tobacco and spice. It’s a hardy grape, and outside of Bordeaux is also found in the cool inland regions of France, such as the Loire Valley, or northern Italy. Cab Franc is most often blended with other varietals, but lookout, when she stands alone she’s a beauty.

DNA reveals that the noble grape Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc are the “parents” of the popular Cabernet Sauvignon grape (bred to be hardy, easy to grow, and easy to drink).

Cab Franc is the perfect pairing with lamb chops. Standing alone, it probably needs to be paired with food to appreciate all it’s flavor power. If I ever encounter a 100% cab franc on a wine list, you can bet I’ll order my food to match the wine!