Platinum Pairings A-Z: Thanksgiving Wines


What wine to have with Thanksgiving Turkey is the age-old question.

Riesling, Pinot Noir or Rose would be my immediate simple answer, but this year I’ll be having a Chateau St. Michelle riesling.

Eroica Reisling by Chateau St. Michelle is my recommendation when I want something light, easy and not overpowering. There are so many flavor combinations at the dinner table on Thanksgiving that you don’t need to add any more complexity. Don’t overthink it, just sip and enjoy.

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy Good Wine, Good Food!

Platinum Pairings A-Z: Doritos with Wine?


Someone asked me recently if wine and junk food can be paired. Really? But of course!

Try Doritos (salty, spicy, cheesy) with Pinot Noir or a Grenache.

Or gosh, who doesn’t love Pommes Frites with a nice dry rose?

Yes, of course, there’s a pairing for everything, and junk food is no exception.